Learn T-shirt & Hoodie Design in just 2 hours: Make a Digital Living from anywhere in the world

Dear Learners,

Welcome to T-Shirt, Hoodie and Mug Design Course! I am very much excited and honored to be your instructor for this very course. This course will be conducted via SKYPE and WebEx.

The course is FREE for the Garos from Bangladesh, Bhutan & India! It’s also FREE for all the people of Madhupur Upazella, Bangladesh!

[পুনশ্চঃ না জেনে বাংলাদেশী কেউ এই ওয়েব সাইট থেকে কোন প্রোডাক্ট ক্রয় করবেন না প্লিজ! সব সময় কথা বলে নিন। যোগাযোগ স্কাইপঃ meghruddur]

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This course is 90% OFF now! It was $99 course! Right now just $10! click here to join the course!

How to Design & Sell your T-shirts & Hoodies in Bangla: Latest Class for Bangla Speaking Students

T-shirt & Hoodie Design from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

Password will be provided for PAID Students!

Please watch the following DEMO content video before you join or sign up with us!

T-shirt, Hoodie, Mug & iPhone Cover Design Course from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

My skype address: meghruddur
Skype email: softwaretestengineer007@gmail.com

To join WebEx Class please click here

You can watch the same video on Youtube too!

Please add me on your skype so that I can give you clear instructions!

Video Tutorial – 01: How to Design?

T-shirt & Hoodie Design from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

PASSWORD: Will be sent to your INBOX!

Video Tutorial – 02: How to Sell your Designs in a Webstore Online?

T-shirt&HoodieDesignStore from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

PASSWORD: Will be sent to your INBOX if you are PAID students!

Please watch the video very carefully and attend the class as per schedule with your instructor. The video requires PASSWORD and it has already sent to your inbox.

Teespring Tee Shirt Design from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

Next workshop:

To register, please click here and pay $10!

2-hour long online workshop on T-shirt, Hoodie, customized Mug, Personalized Phone Cover Design!

Course: Online via WebEx, Skype
Medium of Instruction: English
Instructor: Babul D’ Nokrek
Date: Every Saturday
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Eastern time, New York Time)

Participants will learn to Design and Marketing online, will be able to sell them and make extra money from home!

Participants will have OWN Online T-store after completing the course!


1) How long is the duration of the course?
– 2 hours
2) Can I really learn in just 2 hours?
– 100%! I’ll make it SUPER EASY!
3) How much can I earn after completing the course?
– Depends. If you take action, you can earn $500 – $5,000 per month!

4) Will you support even after the course?
– Sure! But I’ll charge $10 per hour!

5) How can I contact you?
– Facebook.
– Email: softwaretestengineer007@gmail.com

6) How many students can join at a time?
– 200 students!

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